Champions and Influencers

It is common knowledge that, behind every successful organization, there is at least one individual who not only has the influence and credibility to solicit the support needed to get an organization on its feet, but who also has the passion and persistence to persuade others to join the cause. And behind every such influential community member or champion is a connection to a relevant organization (e.g., a medical society or hospital, etc.). A champion is someone who is willing to solicit funds and engagement among their connections; a champion is also someone who is a visionary, who can see what is possible…as well as know how to navigate a course to success. In short, a champion is someone who inspires. 

At Doctors Care, Gary VanderArk, MD and the Arapahoe Medical Society were our first champions - laying the foundation for the Doctors Care program, bringing other participants to join our mission, and contributing significant time and resources to the organization. These early champions rallied their spouses, friends and colleagues to come together to create the well-run safety-net that functions today.

Jerome Buckley, MD

Jerome Buckley, MD HealthOne Board of TrusteesColorado Trust Board of TrusteesColorado Health Foundation Board Member

“Regardless the task, if you have a Gary VanderArk who not only creates the vision and mission, but then commits the necessary time to find the talent and the treasury to support that vision and mission, you will be successful – Doctors Care is the meaningful fruit of Dr. VanderArk’s and now, many others’ labors.  Dr. VanderArk’s enthusiasm was so virulently-infectious, that when he asked anyone, but especially any physician to “support” Doctors Care, the response was always, “Yes, Gary, what can I do?”

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