Donors Lessons Learned

Development Lessons Learned

With over 25 years of fundraising experience, we have learned how to uphold a sustainable model and a diverse funding portfolio.

  1. Fundraise early. Start-up can happen without fundraising, but engaging individual donors and foundations must fall into place quickly. As with any portfolio of investments, diversity is important when finding sources of funding. For success in fundraising, 100 percent of board members should make a meaningful annual donation. Additionally, the hospital partners should invest financially above and beyond the donated care.

    An important part of fundraising is utilizing your strongest supporters. Engage individual donors in strategic planning for the future; have frequent conversations with program officers about the direction their foundation is heading; stay involved and ahead of the curve and, perhaps most important, ask your supporters’ opinions on where your organization should be looking to grow.
  2. Craft messaging with care. Doing this will help avoid offending one constituency while pandering to another. Let the opinions of hospital executives impact the choice of messaging points. Do not underestimate the importance of balancing the agendas of physicians, ancillary services, hospitals, patients and volunteers.
  3. Market to patients, donors and community partners. What good is a service that no one knows about? Do not let fear of being overwhelmed with the need hold you back.  Use appropriate social media and print platforms to share the work of your organization with prospective patients and donors. In one year alone, the expansion of marketing increased individual donations by more than 30 percent at Doctors Care. Patients may indicate that they prefer to communicate via text message or email, so meet them in the middle…listen to your consumer, and they will tell you what they need.

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