There are many convincing reasons for hospitals to also participate in providing care to the underserved. After all, a hospital exists to provide health care for everyone. But uninsured patients know that ER visits are expensive, so they try to avoid them; and since they do not have a regular source of medical care, when an illness occurs, uninsured patients often put off seeking care until they become urgently ill and need to be admitted to intensive care or have emergency surgery. If we can get patients to seek medical attention early, serious conditions can often be avoided, ultimately saving costs for both patients and hospitals.

Lawrence G. Wood, MD

Lawrence G. Wood, MD Chief Medical OfficerLittleton Adventist HospitalDoctors Care Board Member

“All of the hospitals focus on the needs of this uninsured or underinsured population of patients.  They are normal men, women and children in need of health care.  They need doctors and hospitals just as we all do.  I have worked with Doctors Care since it started and no organization is more committed to improving the care of these vulnerable patients.”

Hospitals may also be willing to participate in the program to appease their doctors, some of whom may be reluctant to admit patients if the hospitals are not involved. Also, participating in an organized method of providing care for the underserved keeps the ER from being overwhelmed by people without health insurance.

Mary White

Mary White President and CEOSwedish Medical CenterDoctors Care Board Member

“Doctors Care is a true partnership of hospital and physician resources designed to address the health care needs of our community. At Doctors Care our young families find a place where their children receive outstanding health care services from volunteer physicians.  People with life changing medical conditions find resources in a desperate time of need. 

Swedish is very proud to be a founding member of Doctors Care. We are hopeful that the Doctors Care partnership model could pave the way for improvements in access to health care for the medically underserved nationwide. Congratulations Doctors Care on your 25th Anniversary.”

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