Partners Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned in Partnership

Along our 25 year journey, Doctors Care has adopted principles and learned lessons in how to cultivate strong partnerships.  

  • Be adaptable. Do not be afraid to modify your programs to achieve greater impact. At the same time, stay firmly aligned with basic rules so as not to compromise the fabric of the organization. At Doctors Care, we have a willingness to make exceptions to our own rules and recognize when it is the right time to change policies. 
  • Never lose sight of the importance of collaboration. According to founder Gary VanderArk, MD: “1+1=3.” That is, we can accomplish more when we collaborate and work together.
  • Teach your staff that physicians are a priority. When any physician or hospital staff person calls, do not take the risk of losing that partnership by not responding quickly. Patients may have to wait a few extra minutes, but it is crucial to balance the needs of many with those of the individual. Respecting provider relationships will ensure meeting the needs of many individuals for years to come.
  • Serve as a teaching environment for students. Solidify relationships with medical schools and residency programs. It builds the organization’s capacity by opening doors for more providers to care for your patients. It also helps in bringing awareness to future health care professionals on how to better understand and meet the needs of underserved populations.
  • Doctors Care’s decision to not pay physicians has become a core value. Achieving equity in payment to physicians is improbable; steering clear of any organizational payment to physicians is therefore highly recommended. This also reinforces the patient’s responsibility for payment of their own care.

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