Our network of physicians and mid-levels provide primary and specialty care in their own offices for individuals who qualify for the Doctors Care Sliding-Fee-Scale Program. The providers proactively care for the uninsured at significantly-reduced fees and utilize Doctors Care to manage their own patient load of uninsured patients.

A unique aspect of Doctors Care is that we engage the full gamut of medical specialists participating in our network (most other programs serving those in need only provide primary care, with a few supporting specialists). Because of the level of provider involvement from our community providers, we can offer just about any specialty service for our patients.

Allen Adinoff, MD

Allen Adinoff, MD Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers, P.C.Doctors Care Program Network Physician

“I volunteer my time and efforts because I believe that individuals and groups who are fortunate and have been successful should give back to the community that supports them.  Without Doctors Care, hundreds of individuals and families who have fallen on hard times would go without needed medical care and treatment.”

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