Simply put, without the generous donation of time by its many volunteers, Doctors Care would not be able to operate. Volunteerism, a pillar of our model, encompasses a wide variety of assignments, all handled by talented individuals dedicated to serving our organization and patient population.  

More than 80 on-site volunteers donate some 9,000 hours of service to Doctors Care annually (valued at approximately $400,000) in administrative areas, program functions and direct care. Volunteers also complete financial screenings for patients applying to the Sliding-Fee-Scale Program, while others use their medical expertise to care for patients in our clinic.

Nancy Bonita

Nancy Bonita Doctors Care Volunteer

“There has never been a day when I’ve been at Doctors Care that I haven’t left feeling that my efforts were worthwhile and in some small way, I have helped someone.  Doctors Care helps me to appreciate how fortunate I am and gives me an opportunity to help others.  It is a fantastic place to volunteer.”

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