Volunteers Lessons learned

Doctors Care employs a model that relies on volunteerism to flourish.  

  • Integrate Volunteers into day-to-day operations. Create staff and volunteer unison. Keep volunteers visible and engaged by assigning meaningful tasks and offering regular thanks and recognition. 
  • Offer Volunteers high level tasks.  By giving volunteers an important role, they will be more bought in to your mission, and you will receive high impact and lower your operational costs.
  • Utilize Volunteers for their community connections. In addition to having great work skills and ethics, volunteers are a gold mine of information.  They can broadcast news about your organization, and create new connections of value (e.g., fundraising efforts).
  • Keep track of the monetary value of your Volunteers. Record keeping is a must as statistics will be valuable, particularly with grant seeking for your organization.
  • Work with community partners to find Volunteers.  Visit other volunteer coordinators and managers to see how they recruit and what volunteer opportunities they may have.  Let them know you are looking for volunteers.
  • Train Volunteers like you would train staff. Have training programs in place, preferably one on one and group in order to make sure your volunteers are ready to do the tasks you’re giving them.
  • Develop Relationships with Volunteers. Touch base with volunteers frequently, and remember they want to feel engaged with the organization to which they are volunteering.

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